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  • What is Diabetes?

    • India is the Capital of “Diabetes” in the world.
    • Diabetes is a disease in which the body is unable to properly use and store glucose, causing high blood glucose level.

  • Types

    Type 1: Mostly it is found in young children.
    Cause: Absence of Beta Cells in the Pancreas
    Treatment: Insulin Injections

    Type 2:In India most of the people are having type 2 Diabetes & generally this is Adult onset diabetes.
    Treatment: Initially with Diet &/or Medicines. Insulin Injections are required when medicine fails to control the diabetes.

  • Notes

    • Irregular Medications or Poor Diabetes Control can lead to several kind of side effects on the body parts (like - Heart, Brain, Kidney, Blood vessels, Nerves, Eyes etc.)
    • In India the major cause of Kidney Failure and Blindness is DIABETES.
    • Hence each patient must check their Diabetes on regular bases.

  • Methods for testing Diabetes

    • RBS (Random Blood Sugar)
    • FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar)
    • PP2BS (Post Prandial Blood Sugar)
    • HbA1c (Average blood sugar level of past 2-3 months)

  • Facts

    • In spite of lots of care and treatment Diabetes is a progressive Disease. And so patients suffer from the side effects of Diabetes sooner or later.
    • Medical Science is introducing newer techniques and treatments to maximise the control & to prevent / reverse the side effects of Diabetes.
    • Today “Laparoscopic Metabolic Surgery” is changing the treatment of DIABETES due to high success rate in curing/controlling the Diabetes.
    • Metabolic Surgery not only treats the Diabetes but also helps in controlling High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol , Sleep Apnoea, Joint / Spine pain, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome / Menstrual disorders, Obesity, etc.
    • Metabolic Surgery / Bariatric Surgery is successful not only in obese patients but also in non-obese patients with Diabetes.

  • Who can undergo Surgery?

    • Uncontrolled Diabetes ( even after adequate medical treatment)
    • Long - standing Diabetes
    • Diabetes with Obesity (BMI>30)
    • Group of patients having High risk for the side effects of Diabetes

  • Benefits of Surgery

    • Control of Diabetes ( HbA1c < 7.0 )
    • Lowers the Cardiac Risk
    • Lowers the risk of side effects of Diabetes to the Kidney, Brain, Nerves, Eyes etc..
    • High Quality Lifestyle

  • How Surgery is done?

    • Surgery is done Laparoscopically with Low risk, Less pain and Faster recovery.
    • The Type of Metabolic surgery is chosen considering the whole profile of the patient.
    • One must consult Metabolic Surgeon for the right choice of surgery for the best result.