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  • Procedure Overview

    • A gastric balloon aims to reduce feelings of hunger and help to feel fuller for longer after eating only small meals.
    • Also known as an intragastric balloon, this type of weight loss treatment can help to lose weight without invasive surgery.
    • During the procedure a soft silicone balloon is inserted into the stomach through the mouth, using an endoscope (a thin, flexible telescope).
    • The balloon is then filled with saline solution to partially fill the stomach, leaving less room for large amounts of food or drink.
    • A gastric balloon is designed to be a temporary weight loss solution, and will usually be removed after six months.
    • An intra-gastric balloon procedure can usually be done without making an incision in the abdomen. Instead, the balloon can be passed through the mouth and down into the stomach using an endoscope (a thin, flexible tube that has a light and a camera on one end).
    • In few cases patients may not be able to tolerate the balloon for the full 6 month period and when this happens, it will need to be removed early. There is a possibility this may happen in the first few days after the balloon is placed, if side effects (including nausea and vomiting) do not resolve or are worse than anticipated.